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I provide sightseeing around Addis Abeba and other cities of Ethiopia. Here is an overview about the tours and trips I offer.
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  • Menagesha Forest
  • D/Lebanos and portugies bridge
  • Wonchi Creature
  • Guder Waterfall
  • Sodore Recreation
  • Adadi Mariam Church
  • Ankober (the oldest palace)
  • Bishoftu / Horaa lake

Mountain trips

  • Yerer
  • Damocha
  • Entoto
  • Yeka Michael
  • Dinkenesh Bridge
  • Wuchacha
  • Amora Gedel
  • Hyaena Den

Your tour guide

Lemi Hailu

Some information about me:

I am a private tourist guide and tour organizer since 2011 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. My name is Lemu Hailu, I was born in 1986 in south west Ethiopia around Nekemt.
I have been working with many tourists and learned a lot of things from my past experience. I am a simple person and always smile and active to learn and know new things. Activities like Travelling, Bicycling, Swimming and Trekking are always making me happy.


My service includes planning the tour, participate and guide the whole tour and provide information about the sights. Enjoy the tour in your preffered language.




Afaan Oromo


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If you are interested in my guide service, you can contact me at any time. We welcome you to Ethiopia and are looking forward to travelling with you!

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Lemi Hailu
Private tour guide

Phone:   +251 912 042 622